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Luggage Collection

The Endeavor Luggage Collection is the perfect choice for snowboarding adventures. It includes a range of bags designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and challenging terrains. Whether you're exploring remote...

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Endeavor x Lee McConnell

Lee McConnell is a multifaceted Artist working across various mediums including illustration, design, animation, painting and sculpture since 2011. His work tells stories of everyday life with subtle twists, messaging...

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Caffeinated Friday

Come through our Vancouver office on October 27th for a coffee and a high five. We'll be serving up coffee from 9 Bar between 8:00 - 9:30am. RSVP Here

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Legacy Film Premier Recap

Thank you for joining us at the recent Legacy film premiere and for the positive feedback online. It was an evening of good times, with three generations of snowboarders in...

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Max Jenke's 'Legacy' Film Release

Max Jenke's 'Legacy' Film: A Tale of Endeavor Snowboards, Pro Riding, and Snowboard Perfection Embark on a remarkable journey alongside Max Jenke, the founder of Endeavor Snowboards, as he traces...

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Recruiting Board Members

  As a Member of the Board, you'll access a world of benefits, perks, and unforgettable experiences that will elevate your snowboarding adventures while providing a direct link to us...

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Travel Essentials

As Winter approaches, we wanted to share our essential travel gear to get ready for the season. Our bags feature unparalleled durability that withstands the harshest winter conditions, ensuring your...

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Snow Surf Inspiration

In 2020, we developed a pow-surf with photographer / rider Mason Mashon and Doug Moreau, a shaper for Pyzel out of Oceanside, CA. Mason froths for the pow-surf life and...

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East Cape Surf Inspiration

Surfing the East Cape in Baja Mexico has been inspirational in so many ways. Seeing 70+ year olds destroying waves is life goals. Sitting in the water with Gerry Lopez...

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Back in the Hood

It's been 28 years since I've ridden Timberline, Mt. Hood in the summer (see below clip from Transworld Video Magazine). Little has changed which feels pretty rad! I grabbed photographer...

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Phonon Topsheet

What is Phonon?     Fewer materials, greater performance. When it comes to a light, stiff, and powerful board the combo of carbon and fibreglass is second to none. By...

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