Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard
Zoom Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard

Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard

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Award winning vision of the ultimate daily driver
Unisex Shape & Sizing


With an award winning design, the Board of Directors reflects our vision of the ultimate daily driver. Its forgiving 3D camber profile gives a responsive ride that performs in soft snow whilst maintaining a loose feeling when flat basing on cat tracks and traversing runs. The BOD Legacy is outfitted with our Phonon Pre-Tension Fibreglass topsheet, an innovation in snowboard construction that harnesses elastic energy through continuous lamination, supercharging the board’s ‘pop’. Construction is streamlined by combining carbon and fiberglass with resin, eliminating the need for the traditional plastic topsheet and UV Lacquer. The result is a super lightweight and powerfully reactive board built with less materials. The BOD is finished off with the fastest, hardest sintered base in the world for performance in all conditions.

Due to the unique manufacturing process of the Phonon Topsheet, subtle variations and imperfections in finish may occur which give these boards their unique character.


Flex: Medium
Terrain: All Terrain / Freeride
Camber: 3D
Shape: True Twin
Core: Poplar + Paulownia w/ Birch Reinforcement
Base: Dura Surf 4001 Sintered
Fibreglass: Phonon Pre-Tension
The Channel
Smoothride Sidewalls


Goes with:

Endeavor B.O.D. Legacy Snowboard






All Terrain / Freeride


3D Camber


True Twin


Phonon Pre-Tension

Size Details

154cm 156cm 157cm Wide 158cm 160cm Wide
Contact Length (mm) 1148 1166 1174 1182 1180
Effective Edge (mm) 1184 1203 1201 1222 1228
Nose Width (mm) 293 294 304 295 306
Waist Width (mm) 249 249 260 250 261
Tail Width (mm) 293 294 304 295 306
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7450 7500 7600 7600 8400
Taper (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
Stance Width (Inch) 18-24 19-25 19-25 19-25 19-25
Setback (inches) 0 0 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 120-170 140-190 170-220 150-200 180-230
Rider Weight (kgs) 54-77 65-85 77-100 68-90 81-104

Graphic Inspiration

Our seasonless Legacy Collection is a manifestation of the timeless simplicity that has become synonymous with Endeavor. The stripped back aesthetic focuses on the purity and simplicity of the ride whilst the graphic hits are inspired by the iconic industrial designer, Dieter Rams’ design ethos of “Less But Better” .


1 - Phonon Pre-Cured Fibreglass Topsheet with 11 Carbon Stringers
2 - Pre-Cure Fiberglass
3 - The Channel
4 - Poplar / Paulonia / Birch Lightweight Wood Core
5 - 95A Smoothride Seamless Urethane Sidewalls
6 - Rockwell 48 Stainless Steel Edges
7 - Triaxial Fiberglass
8 - DuraSurf 4001 Wax Infused Sintered Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Solid board and feels really good for intermediate riders. Its profile is really forgiving and gives plenty of control for the mountain and pop for the park. I haven’t noticed too much from the spooned nose but it hasn’t been a negative addition. The biggest downside is the top sheet has the durability of a scratch ticket. Just after 2 days riding it was marked up by other boards or just really anything that would touch it. Even my bindings left marks on the board from just being mounted on it. The art on the website was subtle as is but in person it’s nearly nonexistent.


Phenomenal. Light weight. This board is the perfect daily driver

Great All-Mountain Board - Be Mindful Of The Design

Primarily a resort rider, I came from a 152 cm Super D.O.A. to try to find a less aggressive all mountain board that I could ride in a much more relaxed posture. The B.O.D. on the snow immediately resonated with me. I felt incredibly confident in anything I wanted it to do. I spend a lot of my time staying on groomers but going through the park frequently as well. It was stable at speed and responsive when turning. The stiffness is exactly what I expected it to be and made it a super easy board to ride. The performance is absolutely top-notch.

That being said, there were some issues I had with the board. The most prevalent being the design. This is specifically for the Legacy version. I don't think the images on the website are an accurate representation of what the board actually looks like. The subtle designs and text hardly show up at all even in the sun. Staring at it in the corner of my room, it seriously is just a black board with no distinguishing features which is great if that is what you are looking for but it just isn't want the images made them out to be. The only visible thing on that stands out from the black is the white serial stamping on the board that isn't represented in the images either. I felt really let down by the design compared to what I thought it would have been. I also had some weird marks on my board while it was still wrapped up with the box being undamaged that I could not get out.

This is my first time using the channel system. I tightened it down as much as I could but at the end of the day my back binding started slipping back widening my stance. I think conceptually the channel is super cool and spotless but I do like how traditional 4×2 when loosened just wiggle instead of changing your stance all together. I also somehow lost one of the plugs on the mountain which is a huge bummer, but they don't seem at all very secure to begin with.


If you're on the fence with this board, stop wasting your time and just buy it. It does it all and at no point has I felt that it was inadequate.

Corey Robinson

I'm probably at the intermediate level, skill-wise, so I am still learning what I like regarding snowboards. For context, I started with rentals then had a K2 vintage dart (first board after 15yrs of not riding), Ride Co Berzerker (thought it was dope, good for bombing and carving), Arbor Shiloh (thought it was the greatest board ever), then I got the BOD. I received it in the mail 2 days after fracturing my ribs snowboarding. So it sat for a week in my living room before I couldn't take looking at it anymore and had to head to the mountain. It is so crazy to me that snowboards all look about the same but perform so differently. The BOD stands head and shoulders above every board I have ever ridden. It is super forgiving, but at the same time, it's responsive, super playful, and springy, and has just elevated my abilities. I am super stoked I pulled the trigger on this bad boy. Endeavor has locked me in as a lifelong customer. I would 100% recommend this board to any level of rider.


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