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154cm 156cm 158cm
Contact Length (mm) 943 963 983
Effective Edge (mm) 1143 1163 1182.7
Nose Width (mm) 294 297 301
Waist Width (mm) 254 256 259
Tail Width (mm) 294 297 301
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7950 8050 8150
Taper (mm) 0 0 0
Stance Width (Inch) 18-24 18-24 18-24
Setback (inches) 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 140-190 150-200 160-210
Rider Weight (kgs) 65-85 68-90 72-95

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Paul T. (United States)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Terrain: Resort/Groomers
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Boot Size: 10 US
Pioneer for All Mountain Board & Stable Carving

I own the 154cm Pioneer and love it as my all mountain board! Stance width is roughly 23” on centers, with +15 / -15 angles. Union Strata bindings. I love groomers and this board lets me carve aggressively just liek on my korua pencil 159cm. It holds its edges nicely and I didn’t feel the slight nose vibrations at my feet. Easy to pop an ollie, and the board gives back so much when you press into it! It's very responsive. All in all, great one quiver board. Endeavor’s marketing of this board is accurate as far as I can tell. Also a major fan of the clean, classy top sheet.

Zac B. (Canada)
Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Park/Pipe, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 210lb
Boot Size: 9.5
All Mountain Weapon

Quite simply the best all-around board on the market. Tons of pop, fast base, carves well, floats on powder, handles well in the tight trees. You name it, this board kills it. Combine that with one of the coolest minimalist graphics I've seen in years and you can't lose. There's a reason all the reviews are so glowing, it's worth the hype. If you're reading this, buy one!

Anonymous (Canada)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Terrain: Resort/Groomers
Height: 6’
Weight: 145lbs
Boot Size: US12

The board is great, customer service was amazing, overall very happy with my purchase.

C.H. (Canada)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Why no girls size

This board looks dope. However, Why no girls size?
Is that very hard to produce board like 138cm to 149? Can anybody explain?

Jay P. (United States)
Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Park/Pipe
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 155 lbs
Boot Size: 9.5 US
All Mountain Freestyle Machine

Got the Pioneer 152 on the mountain for a few early season days and it changed the game for me. Boosted off side hits, feels light and spins easily. Butters much easier than my last (traditional full camber) board. And don't sleep on it as a carver, absolutely ripped on fresh cord. Can't wait to get it in the park when it opens for the season.