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Endeavor Pioneer Snowboard

The Pioneer makes its debut in the Endeavor line up this season and is already making waves. In designing the Pioneer we went back to the drawing board, choosing a shape, construction and flex that perfectly fit our riding styles and vision for a new board. As a result, the Pioneer has now become the board of choice for most of our team.

Starting at the core we have blended Poplar with Paulownia to reduce weight whilst increasing response. Combine this with our Multi-Camber profile that is cambered between the feet and early rise in the tip and tail and you get explosive power with ease of use. This allows you to push harder and ride faster with the knowledge that the Pioneer will remain predictable and stable. A slightly wider nose and tail shape provides a solid platform for holding presses and a new carbon layup acts as the perfect compliment. 2 Parallel beams run along the board but stop short of the contact points. This gives explosive power underfoot whilst maintaining a softer, more playful nose and tail that won't buck you.

New for 1819 is our redesigned Smoothride Sidewall. This builds upon our original award winning technology and helps reduce our overall impact on the environment. A more efficient manufacturing process cuts waste without sacrificing the impact and vibration absorbing properties, helping to provide the smoothest ride possible. Fibreglass layups are also enhanced through the use of tri-axial glass that includes a pre-cured layer above the core for more response and torsional rigidity without adding weight. And of course it's all finished off with the Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Best board ever!

Switches edged on a dime, lot's of pop, forgiving on landings! Oh and the fastest board around, I can't stay in one place on flat ground lol!


Love it

Great board

just try it on my first day with pioneer on the mountain. Condition was really icy ground .but it really holds the edge .and I achieved so many feature on the mini park with my first attempt . I make higher Ollie great board
Overall .


Endeavor Pioneer Snowboard

2020 is MUCH better

I bought a 2019 pioneer and for whatever reason I just couldn't get along with it. Felt kinda just like a snowboard..... Nothing special. It wasn't overly stiff, but tortionally it felt stiff, thus hard to make quick corrections with feet and ankles only.

Decided to pick up a 2020 because of all the popular reviews out there from angry, goodride, snowboard profiles. MAN WHAT A BOARD.

Feel nible like a surgical knife with so much snap. I LOVE this board!


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