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153cm 156cm 159cm 162cm 165cm
Contact Length (mm) 946 962 980 1002 1022
Effective Edge (mm) 1131 1155 1177 1201 1224
Nose Width (mm) 291 295 299 303 307
Waist Width (mm) 247 250 253 256 259
Tail Width (mm) 288 292 296 300 304
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7800 8000 8200 8400 8600
Taper (mm) 3 3 3 3 3
Stance Width (Inch) 17-23 18-24 18-24 19-25 19-25
Setback (inches) 0 0 0 0 0
Rider Weight (lbs) 100-155 120-170 140-190 150-200 150-200
Rider Weight (kgs) 32-45 54-77 65-85 68-90 68-90

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
J W. (Canada)

Intermediate rider. Upgraded from Endeavor Color that I've had for 10 years and couldn't be more pleased with this new board. So much speed, so much response and so much feel. The board's patterns were a little hard to see unless you are right up close but looks sleek with the black tones.

Dylan Z. (Canada)
Experience Level: Advanced
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 6ft 1 inch
Weight: 240
Boot Size: 11 US
Can't Wait To Try It!

It has been years of waiting for me to purchase a new snowboard. Last version that I am currently riding is a 1998 Burton Custom. Yeah long time coming and I almost pulled the trigger last year on an Endeavor board. Actually it was my son who got me onto Endeavor. He purchased a used BOD a few years back and it was amazing watching him roll out things that I couldn't even imagine. So here I am ready and waiting to rip my new Maverick. Ordering was easy and it came well packaged and ready to ride. Now all we need is some new snow in the BC Interior and I will be off. Thanks

Dan B. (Canada)
Always Endeavor

I have been riding Endeavor snowboards for over 10 years. Endeavor had my back when I worked in the Industry and I will forever support and promote the brand. I ride the BOD for the most part, but have rode the Live, High Five, BOD and now the Maverick which I am looking forward too. I have been snowboarding for 24 Years, and I'd have to say Endeavor are some of my favorite boards. Lots of Pop, good stability, and always take a beating.

Chihta H. (United States)
Experience Level: Intermediate
Terrain: Resort/Groomers, Backcountry/Powder
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 185 lbs
Boot Size: 10.5 US

About to retire my Arbor Premium Relapse and need another all mountain board. Came across this endeavor board and thought I should give it a try due to the good reviews. Can't wait to be on the slope this season with the Maverick!

Mario H. (Slovakia)
Experience Level: Expert
Terrain: Backcountry/Powder
Height: 6.2
Weight: 210lbs
Boot Size: US11/UK11/EU44
a true quiver killer at its best really

Last year I was looking for a directional freeride board suitable for my specs and came across Maverick. Since I’ve already got a dedicated powder board, BRTN Gatekeeper, I wanted a daily driver deck that can slay the whole mountain with ease. Maverick is a super fun directional board with a centred stance on EE, which I wasn’t really happy about at first, but then I proved itself great. Yet, it has a subtle 3mm of taper which can definitely make a huge difference when laying down a technical run. Moreover, it doesn’t’ bar you from throwing an occasional halfcab or landing switch if you desire. It definitely has a double ender feel. On top of that, it has a shallow radius, 8.6m@165 cm length, which really helps to dial back turns. Being just about wide enough, it’s very modern directional ride and pretty quick edge-to-edge. Flex is just about right, would say a shade on the stiff side. It has almost full camber, HOVER CAMBER, with a little bit of rocker pass the front binding for fresh snow chasing in the morning and ripping groomers in afternoons. Edge grip is far better than on Burtons. Overall, this is very versatile board, a true quiver killer, ideal for everyone looking for something different than Burton, yet still equipped with the Channel so you can pair with EST bindings. I’ve had it paired with Cartels which seems like a great match. This way, you can definitely feel more flex underneath of bindings compared with ReFlexes, Genesis say, or other firm baseplate bindings. Last but not least, I really love the graphics of 2019. A great board to have for all mountain freeride snowboarding. I think I'm going to stay pretty happy with it for many years to come.