Inspiring People:<br/>Scott Serfas

Inspiring People:
Scott Serfas

June 12, 2017


Scott is one of the biggest names in action sports photography. The chances are even if you haven't heard his name, you will have seen some of his work. With more than 100 images gracing the covers of some of the biggest magazines in the industry and as the main photographer on the epic Art Of Fight movie his work is unique and comes with a perspective that many others would die to be able to capture.

Scott is also a co-founder of Endeavor Snowboards with lifelong friend Max Jenke. The pair set up the brand in 2001 after Max got tired of what other brands were doing. They both agreed that they wanted to do things differently. The ethos to Always Endeavor was born and Scott fills this more than most.


Scott & his cameras

Scott's known for his unique style and incredible shots. P. Scott Serfas


Born in Vancouver, BC, Scott was never far from the mountains. His early years were spent skiing but this soon wore off and he saved up for his first snowboard and head off to Whistler. Sleeping in a 70's VW van with a friend and stealing power from an underground parking lot he managed to get by riding and enjoying the mountains. In the early 1990's he came by his first Canon camera and his fate was sealed.


What's in his bag

Scott Magazine Covers

What's in his pack?

Just a small selection of some of Scott's incredible
magazine covers


Scott started shooting up and coming riders of the time including Rob Dow, Devun Walsh and Kevin Sansalone. After building up some courage he started sending his photos into all the snowboard magazines around. Concrete Powder picked up one of his shots and his rise to fame had started. In 1998 Transworld Snowboard magazine - the biggest and most prestigious snowboarding magazine - picked him up as a senior photographer. Fast forward 19 years and he still works for Transworld as one of just 3 senior photographers.


Kale Stephens & Gaetan Chanut

Kale Stephens and Gaetan Chanut enjoying an incredible sunset.


Helicopter Dashboard

Scott's custom snowboard

Not a bad office. Scott is regularly shooting from the skies to get the best photos.

Scott's built a number of custom snowboards at the Endeavor Lab in Vancouver.


Scott filming in an eruption

Scott has filmed in some of the most amazing environments on the planet including during a volcanic eruption.


Scott has won numerous awards for his photos including Commercial Photo of the Year in American Photo Magazine. His shots and the way he captures them embodies the Always Endeavor ethos and he continues to inspire us to do things differently. You can follow him on Instagram @scottserfas

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