Inspiring People:<br/>Gillian Andrewshenko

Inspiring People:
Gillian Andrewshenko

June 19, 2017


Gillian embodies our Always Endeavor brand ethos by always giving her very best in whatever she does. Originally hailing from Winnipeg she made the move to Whistler to help pursue her snowboarding career and gain momentum. Her snowboarding style is unique among female riders with incredible flair and one of the best nose and tail grabs we've ever seen.


Gillian Grab

Gillian showing her flair with an incredible straight air nose grab. P. Geoff Andruik


In 2011 Gillian dislocated her shoulder during a competition and was immediately put onto the back foot. She still won second prize but had to spend time recovering and receiving medical treatment. Bruises and breaks are part of risk involved with snowboarding. Some riders don't recover or don't come back with the same drive that they once had. Gillian is not one of these riders.


Catching snowflakes

Mt Seymour banked slalom

Gillian showing her fun loving side catching snowflakes
P. Tyler Ravelle

Getting second place in the annual Mt Seymour Banked Slalom
P. Kea Mowat


After getting inured Gillian was away from riding. She returned to her job as a Starbucks shift manager - a role that had always given her the flexibility she needed to keep snowboarding. Whilst looking through her company healthcare benefits she spotted a link to the Starbucks Elite Athlete Program. The Elite Athlete Program provides help and support to employees who participate in athletics at a world class level.


Gillian getting some air

Getting some great air at the Camp Of Champions. P. Chris Witwicki


The elite Athlete Program has given Gillian the help and support se needs to keep riding as an amateur at a world class level. This has given her the focus to reach her next big goal - PyeongChang 2018 for the Winter Olympic Games as part of Team Canada.


Gillian at Starbucks

Camp of Champions

Gillian manages to combine work with pleasure as
part of the Starbucks Elite Athlete Program.

Showing them the girls do it best at Camp Of Champions
P. Geoff Andruik


Starbucks Elite Athlete Program

As part of the Starbucks Elite Athlete Program Gillian gets the help she needs to keep competing.


As the first snowboarder to join the Starbucks Elite Athlete Program, Gillian has continually broken down the barriers and elevated her riding. You can follow her on Instagram @gandrewshenko

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