Inside HQ:<br/>The Archetype Lab

Inside HQ:
The Archetype Lab

June 01, 2017


The Archetype Lab was built in 2011 in the basement of our 6,000sq ft office in Railtown - Vancouver's up and coming design district. It would prove to be the starting point for some of our best designs and innovation over the following years. The Lab helps us fuse our ideas with wood, glass, graphics, steel and composites and take Endeavor to the next level. this was the realization of a dream that Max had 10 years earlier.


The Archetype Lab

The Archetype Lab


The Archetype Lab gives us the ability to take a board from an idea to a rideable prototype in just 24 hours. This gives us an incredible opportunity to test new ideas and move much faster than other brands can as we don't have to wait for prototypes to be made in a factory and shipped to the mountains.

The first production ready board to come out of The Lab was the New Standard for the 12/13 season. The goal had been simple - to create a completely new style of board that was stable yet lose, aggressive yet fun, and soft yet poppy. By widening the shape we could make a board that could be ridden 3-4cm shorter than normal to increase maneuverability without sacrificing performance.


Adjusting the CNC Machine The Archetype Lab CNC Machine

Jason Broz setting up the CNC machine for some new shapes.


In 2014 we created the first ever Archetype snowboard. It was a new idea, a new design and a new way of making powder snowboards. It was designed to enhance the riding experience in deep powder. It was the lightest board we had ever made with a unique swallow tail design. Packed with top tech, the Archetype rapidly became the backcountry board of choice for our team. The next step was to be able to develop this for the masses. This was something which would prove to take until 2017 to perfect.


The Archetype Prototype

Jason Broz with the original Archetype snowboard


2014 was a busy season for the Lab. The first ever Clout board was also produced using a unique topsheet technology. Instead of a traditional heavy topsheet we used a pretensioned fibreglass laminate. This drastically reduced the weight of the board whilst boosting power and pop. The first ever Clout was a total animal. And we loved it!


Checking the snowboard press Fine tuning the shape

Checking the snowboard press and fine tuning the final board shape.


Our Seamless Sidewall technology was developed in the same year as the Clout and Archetype boards. This used a special infused urethane method which fixed the sidewall to the core without the need for any joins or spots of weakness. This produced the smoothest and strongest boards we had ever ridden. In tests we could blow edges out of boards and the sidewalls would remain fused to the core! This innovation was rewarded with a coveted ISPO gold award and thrust us into the spotlight.


Finishing the Archetype tail Final base tune

Hand finishing the Archetype's unique swallowtail shape and giving a final base tune.


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